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With a presence in Canada, Europe and the USA, our digital marketing services extend
across borders, delivering excellence on a global scale.

Our Approach

Our team of branding strategists will analyze the way you present yourself online, and how you can use the existing brand persona to grow your sales.

We want to know what makes your company unique so we can build an authentic brand that reflects who you really are.

We do everything following the latest trends and highest standards of the digital marketing industry to make sure that your brand stands out with a humane, desirable side that makes the audience tick.

From emotional engagement methods to refined technical vigor, we make sure your brand embodies it all.

Agency Expertise

We're a full-service digital agency with extensive experience in branding, web design, SEO, social media marketing, and more, and in general, everything that defines your digital triumph.

We have a constantly developing set of essential standards and values that we mix and improve into a tailored solution for our clients and their brands.

We understand your brand and what you're looking to achieve, and we can get you exactly where you want to be.


We are trusted by our amazing clients


We love to hear what they say about our services

“I've been using their services for quite some time, and I must say they have placed us one step ahead of the game. Always professional, and very helpful. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to increase their presence on the web.”

Luke B.
from Amazing Voice

“I can say that Neox marketing has some of the most professional staff in the industry. Their hard-working efforts to increase sales via social media engagement and website optimization are outstanding. We have a stronger internet presence thanks to their excellent optimization techniques.”

Jeff J.
from Evermore Sound

“Neox marketing has done a tremendous job for our SEO. With their robust tool for keyword tracking and on-page optimizing results, they have transformed our business environment and made us the company to beat among our competitors.”

Joe T.

“I never appreciated how effective paid social media was with regards to creating brand awareness until I got to work with Neox marketing. We look forward to many more years of partnership with you guys.”

Margaret E.

“Proud to say that we now experience a boost in organic keyword ranking and the level of traffic to our website has been phenomenal. Working with your team has been a smart business decision.”

Gilles B.

“We needed to build a website, so we got Neox marketing to do it for us. The outcome was way beyond our expectations. The interface and design were spot on. I am so proud of the job they are doing and wouldn't hesitate to recommend to a friend.”

Chantal L.

“A thousand thanks to Mikayla for her listening and quick service! What about the result of our website just WOW. I highly recommend her company!!!”

Piscine Larose